Bark Unlimited


Kraal Manure is most suitable for use in vegetable gardens as it is both organic and nutritious, replacing much needed macro and micro nutrients for healthy crop production. Healthy plants are more resistant to pests and diseases which in turn reduces the need to use harsh chemicals for a delicious organic crop.

Compost adds organic material to the soil thus increasing microbial and earthworm activity, which in turn improves the ‘air filled porosity (AFP)’ and ‘water holding capacity (WHC)’. This will result in better root growth and cation exchange improving nutrient uptake for the plant.

Firstly never exceed the dosage stated on the package. A good tip is also to first always wet the plant and then apply the fertiliser. I would recommend a third weekly feed.

We have supplied Bark Chips to a school in Johannesburg for their play area and I can also suggest Bark Nuggets or Bark Mulch as alternative products to consider. Also remember we do Play Sand for sand pits and volley ball fields.

We have two products suite for raised beds for vegetable production. The first we sell as landscaping soil which is a mixture of 80 % Top Soli and 20% Compost and is suitable for planting all vegetable types growing below the soil surface such as Carrots, Beetroot, etc. The other we sell as Lawn Dressing and consists of 50% Top Soil and 50% Compost and has a higher nutrient value to support leave growth in lawns as well as vegetables growing above the surface of the soil such as Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage etc. The reason for growing vegetables like Carrots and Beetroot in a mixture with less nutrients is that they will produce lots and lots of fine hair like roots if the nutrient content is to high. This will do nothing to the quality or taste of the vegetables, but makes it more difficult to peal. Leafy green vegetables needs more nutrients as they normally grow faster and produces more leaves than the ones growing below the soil.

Green and red Eucalyptus Mulch has many uses, but is mostly used in the pet industry as bedding for reptiles. The aromatic oil in the eucalyptus masks the smell of the reptile cage and also helps controlling parasites which might otherwise try and invest these animals. It may also be used as a Mulch in gardens to retain moisture in the soil and is an extremely good weed suppressant due to the oils present in the wood of the Red Eucalyptus Mulch and in the leaves of the Green Eucalyptus Mulch. Alternatives which are more commonly used in gardens would be our Bark Mulch(uncomposted or partially composted pine bark) or our Eco Mulch (composted pine chips and pine bark).